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Better Out Than In supports children and young people to build resilience and inspire learning through connecting with animals and Nature.  We provide a portfolio of services  and opportunities including consulation, forest school sessions, animal assisted activities (AAA), wild events, theme days, projects, one to one programmes of engagement, the audit and development of your outdoor learning space and vocational support work.


Our philosophy is articulated as a Biophilic Philosophy for Education the nub of which is, that education is better achieved outdoors in the natural environment or in connection with animals, than inside a classroom.


We believe that life generally is happier, more fulfilling and richer when lived in contact with nature and other species but is particularly so for those learners who struggle with traditional classrooms.


We work with schools, other groups and organisations, and individuals. We utilise our knowledge of the benefits of nature and animal connection to enhance emotional wellbeing in children and young people including those who struggle to engage in learning as well as those who do well within the mainstream.


Everything we do is suitable for all children and young people and especially those special individuals and groups of children who find it difficult to engage with learning. Have a look at  'What We Offer'  on the tabs above. 




Research shows (Harper, 2014), that this approach can support the development of good 'attachments' (Bowlby, 1969) improve social and emotional wellbeing, increase motivation, engagement and academic improvement as well as for some, speech and language improvements and other health benefits (see The Research tab for further detail). 


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